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Doyens Media is an initiative to identify and showcase the precious intellectual treasure of Bharat nation.We believe that the world can be a better place to live with harmony and wisdom. Starting from Dialogues with Indian Women Achievers to Medical Specialist.. the journey has just begun and with your vital support we are here to build rich archive of precious people of Bharat nation that will be guidance to the masses.

Doyens Media runs the DIWA (Dialogues with Indian Women Achievers) program, which fosters dialogue and empowerment among Indian women achievers.

The DIWA program is an initiative by Doyens Media that empowers women social entrepreneurs. Held in Bharat, the program brings together alumni to share learnings, reflections, and hopes for a more inclusive social entrepreneurship ecosystem. Participants discuss their experiences, challenges, and transitions, emphasizing curiosity and growth. Women social reformers, who often juggle leadership roles and caregiving, find support and inspiration through DIWA.


Dialogues with Indian Women Achievers

Amrit KaalKa Manthan


Amrit Kaal refers to the 25-year period from 75 years to 100 years of India’s independence. It was primarily coined by Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. During this period, India aims to achieve the resolutions for “AatmaNirbhar Bharat” (self-reliant India).

The action plan for the next 25 years focuses solely on the vision for India in 2047, when the country will celebrate 100 years of independence12. 

that showcases the Heritage of India. It includes elements that represent the diverse and rich cultural heritage of the country.

Doyens media is privileged to be part of this enriching journey and here we are sharing visions and guidance of the scholars of Bharat mata. Every field that needs to enhance it's it  education, health, culture and Technology and much more..

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We wish to share 

#goodthings of Bharat either culture, heritage, 

or people..

hence sincere efforts 

to showcase the marvolous stories of our land.

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Ashwini D
Data Analysis

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